Signs of Child Abuse in Residential Treatment Center

While sending a child away to a residential treatment center is heartbreaking, you expect them to be safe and cared for. But youth care abuse is a real threat to your child’s welfare. Here are some signs to look out for.

Here are the 5 Signs of Child Abuse in Residential Treatment Facility

Lack of Open Communication

Most reliable youth rehabilitation programs allow open contact between children and their parents as part of the treatment. If your child isn’t calling you regularly, or if they are being controlled, it is a red flag.


Downplaying the Child’s Complaints

Abusive rehabs often ask parents to ignore their child’s “manipulative” complaints. When this happens, there may be more to investigate. Always listen to your child first- no matter what the facility tells you.


Unusual Health Problems

If your child suddenly complains of unusual aches/pains, they may be facing abuse. Also, if the facility doesn’t call you and a nurse when your child is sick, they are not safe.


Decline in Grades

You want your child to be benefiting from their treatment. But if their grades are slipping, they may not be getting much help from the program. Your child may also be too anxious or scared to focus on their academics.


Social Withdrawal

Physical abuse can cause children to become hostile, hyperactive, or withdrawn. If your child seems quieter and more subdued after returning from the program, it may be a sign of abuse faced during treatment.



Youth care abuse can cast a shadow  the length of a child's life. But we can help you stand against these centers and get the justice you deserve. Get in touch with the team at Carlson Injury to fight for your child’s rights!

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