Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents This Summer

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Avoiding motorcycle accidents this summer

While the heat can be challenging at times, most motorcyclists agree that summer is a great time for riding. The roads are more likely to be dry and the days are long. However, it is important to remember that riding in summer can be dangerous for multiple reasons. As your Utah motorcycle accident lawyer, we want to keep you safe. Here are some tips for avoiding motorcycle accidents this summer.

Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents This Summer – How-To

1. Brush up on your training.

Around 5,000 motorcyclists died in fatal crashes in 2019. A significant portion of those riders were inexperienced, including many who didn’t have a license to ride and didn’t have any formal instruction. One of the best ways to improve your safety on the road is to take a motorcycle safety course. Even if you have taken a  course years ago, it is a good idea to brush up on your knowledge and take one again. Your training will help you in avoiding motorcycle accidents.

2. Don’t ride drunk or impaired.

This may seem like an obvious tip for some, but it is one we have to include. Drinking and driving is never a good idea. Drinking and riding a motorcycle is an even worse idea. Little mistakes on a bike can have big consequences, and you are more likely to make such mistakes if you are intoxicated. The same is true for other intoxicants. Anything that makes you less alert and disrupts your decision-making abilities doesn’t mix with riding.

3. Keep to a reasonable speed.

It can be so tempting to cut loose on your bike, especially on a warm summer day when the roads are clear. But you should be aware that exceeding the speed limit and riding faster than the conditions allow for is a major contributor to motorcycle fatalities. Far too many motorcyclists die from this kind of mistake.

4. Avoid distractions.

Your phone and other distractions can be deadly on a motorcycle. For some, the idea of talking on the phone or texting while riding can seem manageable. Unfortunately, it only takes one mistake to wind up in an accident – and you are far more likely to make a mistake if you are distracted.

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