Nursing Home Bed Sore Settlements: What You Need to Know

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Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, can typically afflict immobile adults, most often in nursing homes. This is usually the result of inadequate movement by their caregivers.  

Fortunately, victims possess certain rights, potentially entitling them to compensation and bed sore settlement.

Naturally, prospective clients tend to want to know about the average bed sore settlement before filing lawsuits. However, determining a precise range can be challenging as each case is different. 

Various circumstances can impact the value of bed sore settlements, with the severity of injuries leading the list. Determining whether the bedsores were preventable can further influence settlement values. Of course, this raises questions of negligence by caregivers or nursing homes. 

If your loved one has suffered bed sores in nursing homes due to their staff’s negligence you can seek legal guidance from Carlson Injury Law Firm. We’re your trusted nursing home abuse attorneys in Utah, specializing in cases involving nursing home injuries and bedsore settlements for negligence.

Factors That Affect Bedsore Settlement for Negligence

Each bedsore lawsuit comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. Compensation can vary based on the severity of injuries and resultant losses for the affected individual and their family.


The compensation in a bedsore settlement case greatly depends on the severity of the bedsores. This can be classified into four stages. Ranging from redness and sensitivity (Stage 1) and pierced epidermis (Stage 2) to deeper wounds (stage 3) and bone exposure (Stage 4), the compensation reflects the extent of deterioration. 

Rehabilitation Needs

For those recovering from bedsores, additional care and rehabilitation may be crucial to restoring their quality of life. In such cases, the compensation can address paralysis, providing measures to regain movement, necessary support tools, and even in-house nursing support. In fact, bedsore settlement for negligence also encompasses financial support for relocating the victim from the nursing home and covering rehabilitation costs.

Patient’s Pain and Suffering

While the severity of nursing home injuries goes a long way in determining the compensation amount, establishing pain and suffering also helps lay a strong foundation for bedsore settlements. Long-term sufferers experience not only physical pain, but also endure mental trauma requiring psychological therapy. It’s important to note that awards for suffering may significantly outweigh those for injuries. In case of wrongful death, compensation may be awarded for the family’s pain and suffering.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages apply when neglect, recklessness, or intentional harm is proven. In bedsore lawsuits, courts can determine the liable party for damages and may award punitive damages to deter similar incidents in the future. 

All said and done, nursing homes are guided by state and federal law. They are obligated to provide residents with a mandated quality of care. Failure to meet this standard can mean legal action against such facilities and caretakers.

For legal guidance in such cases, it’s best to consult a reputable nursing home abuse attorney in Utah specializing in bed sores in nursing homes and bedsore settlements for negligence. Experienced nursing home injury attorneys can navigate the different types of bedsore settlements, ensuring rightful compensation for victims of nursing home injuries.

Consequences of Suffering Bed Sores

Seeking compensation in a bed sore lawsuit involves addressing two key types of losses with the help of a nursing home abuse attorney in Utah:

1. Economic Losses:

  • Medical bills for ongoing treatment
  • Medical bills for future treatments
  • Court and related expenses

2. Non-Economic Losses:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Punitive damages

Yes, bed sores in nursing homes cases encompass both financial and personal damages. Determining the value of non-economic damages, like those for negligence, requires expertise. A seasoned nursing home injury attorney can help by obtaining the best possible bed sore settlement for you.

Proving a Bed Sore Lawsuit in Utah

Instances of bed sores in nursing homes often result in lawsuits, where these nursing home injuries serve as the prime evidence of substandard care provided by the facility. To obtain a positive outcome, the victim must prove the nursing home’s negligence in preventing or treating the injury.

Typically, these kinds of lawsuits highlight the caregiver’s failure to prevent pressure wounds by neglecting to reposition the patient for proper blood circulation. In fact, nursing homes are frequently criticized for patient neglect due to understaffing or oversight, making it easier to establish negligence.

For those pursuing bedsore settlements for negligence, it is always advisable to consult with a proven nursing home injury attorney. They have a clear understanding of the different types of bedsore settlements and can, therefore, suggest the best course of action. 

How Much Settlement Can I Expect?

Navigating the various types of bedsore settlements in nursing homes demands a thorough understanding of the intricate factors at play. Each case’s evidence, circumstances, and medical records are inherently unique, posing a challenge in determining an average settlement amount. 

The most important aspect in determining liability is the evidence gathered. The more compelling your case’s foundation is, the greater will be the potential for a favorable settlement. 

Another option to consider is an out-of-court resolution. This can prove beneficial in cases where the victim has collected substantial evidence that supports their claim, thereby solidifying their case. This strategic move can prompt nursing homes and insurers to offer a higher bedsore settlement to avoid the high costs associated with trials. 

As you can see, families grappling with nursing home injuries can benefit greatly by enlisting a skilled nursing home abuse attorney in Utah. They can adeptly navigate the legal formalities that cases related to bed sores in nursing homes and secure fair settlement for any kind of negligence. 

In essence, having a seasoned nursing home injury attorney in your corner is critical for gathering incriminating evidence and negotiating settlements with insurers.


When it comes to bed sore settlements in nursing homes, the outcome varies based on numerous factors. The key determinant of success is the strength of evidence presented – encompassing medical assessments, witness statements, and financial records. 

Victims can significantly improve their chances of securing maximum compensation by engaging a skilled nursing home injury attorney. Specializing in cases involving bedsore settlement for negligence, these legal professionals can play a crucial role in protecting victims’ best interests. 

Carlson Injury Law Firm boasts a team of trusted nursing home abuse attorneys in Utah. We offer the reliable legal assistance you need to protect your loved ones from further harm. If you or your loved one is struggling with bed sores in nursing homes, seek justice by calling us at (801) 845-4577 or filling out our secure online form.