Texting and Drunk Driving: What You Need to Know

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Drunk Driving Attorney

Even minor automobile accidents in Utah can be traumatic. But if you have been involved in an accident with a driver who has been grossly negligent, such as one who was drunk or texting while driving, the damage to your health and property may be extensive. The good news is that if it can be proven that the other driver … Read More

9 Qualities of a Skilled Sexual abuse lawyer in Salt Lake City

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Sexual abuse and sexual violence affect millions of Americans. According to recent data, on average, there are 463,634 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year in the United States. The consequences of sexual assault and rape are often devastating. The same data states that sexual assault victims are 6 times more likely to use cocaine and … Read More

Here’s When to Speak with a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Utah

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Wrongful death lawyer

Dealing with sudden death is difficult enough. It is much worse when your loved one gets killed because of someone’s negligence. It is emotionally devastating. But you may also struggle financially, especially when you lose an earning family member. When your loved one dies due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to seek financial compensation. In this regard, … Read More

Car Accident Lawyers: 7 Things You Should NOT Do After a Car Accident

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We drive to work, drop our kids at school, and take road trips with family and friends on weekends. Americans sure love to drive. But so many vehicles on the road means more traffic and a higher chance of accidents. The US suffers 50% higher vehicle crashes than other high-income countries like Canada, Australia, and Japan. Vehicle crashes claim more than 38,000 … Read More

Semi-Truck Accident Attorney: 8 Types of Semi-Truck Accidents

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8 types of semi truck accidents

The trucking industry has been the backbone of the US economy for decades. In 2021, trucks moved 10.93 billion tons of freight, up from 10.23 billion tons the previous year. The industry also collected 80.8% of the nation’s freight bill, generating $875.5 billion. And the industry employed 7.99 million people in industry-related jobs. That said, these large vehicles are also a … Read More

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help in Drunk Driving Accident?

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drunk driving attorneys

Drunk driving accidents happen more often than we think. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “Every day, about 32 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes — that’s one person every 45 minutes.” It was also reported that “in 2020, 11,654 people died in alcohol-impaired driving traffic deaths — a 14% increase from 2019.”  As … Read More

Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer: 6 Essentials to Prepare for Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

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personal injury lawsuit tips

Suffering any kind of harm in an accident or mishap can leave the victim traumatized – physically, mentally, and emotionally. But, if you were injured because of someone else’s fault, you should take legal action and pursue justice. Having said that, filing a personal injury lawsuit is no walk in the park. Not only will you have to deal with your … Read More

How a Utah Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Can Help You and Your Loved One

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nursing home abuse attorney

Shocking findings reveal that as many as one in three elders have been victims of nursing home abuse. Moreover, two out of three staff members surveyed by the WHO said they had abused or neglected residents. As experienced nursing home abuse attorneys, we know for a fact that abuse and neglect in nursing homes is a common occurrence. Put simply, nursing home … Read More

8 Questions You Need to Ask When Looking for a Sexual abuse attorney

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You will need to find a compassionate lawyer when handling sensitive issues like sexual abuse. It’s often not easy to find a sexual abuse attorney who can help you seek justice in these difficult circumstances. Sexual assault victims are more worried about being shamed, threatened, and not being believed. This prevents many sexual abuse victims from actively seeking legal help. But you … Read More