Wilderness Program Abuse in Utah

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Wilderness treatment center abuse in Utah is occurring.

As a leading residential treatment center abuse law firm, we work to shine a light on some of the problems with Utah’s treatment center industry. One section of the treatment industry that does not receive sufficient scrutiny is wilderness treatment programs. Wilderness program abuse in Utah happens all too often and we believe it is important to more people know about it.

Wilderness Program Abuse in Utah – What You Should Know

What are they?

There are multiple types of substance abuse treatment programs in Utah. Many are residential treatment programs, which require patients to live at the facility for the duration of their treatment.

Wilderness treatment programs take things a step further. They also require patients to live at the treatment center. But unlike standard treatment centers, these programs require patients to spend a large portion of their time outdoors in the “wilderness”. Sometimes this means living in tents and it typically involves significant time performing manual labor.

What is the problem with wilderness treatment programs?

Like other substance abuse treatment programs, there is not necessarily anything wrong with wilderness treatment programs. Some utilize the outdoors as a tool to help patients heal. They use outdoor activities like hiking and setting up camps as activities to encourage personal growth and team building. But, also like other programs, some wilderness programs take things too far.

Numerous adults who were once patients are coming out with abuse allegations. They accuse the programs of requiring intense, dangerous manual labor. They also accuse the programs of physical abuse and sexual abuse. Instead of receiving the treatment they needed, they were subjected to the worst excesses of a problematic treatment industry.

Perhaps the worst aspect of these issues is that the patients are children and teens.

What is Being Done to Help Prevent Wilderness Program Abuse?

With Paris Hilton’s recent documentary about the abuse she suffered at a wilderness treatment program – and other standard residential treatment programs – the tide seems to be turning on this industry. More and more people are becoming aware of the problems and lawmakers are passing laws that will help to address these issues.

However, there are still numerous victims who are still awaiting justice. At Carlson Injury, we represent residential treatment center abuse victims. We help them hold their abusers accountable and put pressure on the industry to change sooner rather than later.

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