Utah Motorcycle Safety Tips for Summer

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Utah motorcycle safety tips, just in time for summer.

At Carlson Injury, we are consistent proponents of motorcycle safety. Our motorcycle accident law firm has represented enough injured motorcyclists to appreciate the value of safe riding practices. Of course, we also understand that you can be riding perfectly and still get in a motorcycle accident. Ultimately, our goal is to keep you safe on Utah roads and to help you stand up for your rights if you are in an accident.

Summer Utah Motorcycle Safety Tips

1. Wear the right motorcycle gear.

There are plenty of good gear options to choose from. It’s important to take Utah weather trends into account, though. It can get extremely hot out there in the summer. Choose gear that will keep you cool without sacrificing protection.

2. Update your safety knowledge with a  refresher course.

The best place to get Utah motorcycle safety tips is from a safety course. Professional instructors stay current on the most effective safety practices. Even spending a day refreshing your safety knowledge and skills can significantly improve your safety awareness before you hit the road.

3. Make sure your bike is in good repair.

Many Utah riders don’t roll out their motorcycles until summer hits. If your bike has been sitting for months, be sure to check it out thoroughly and perform any maintenance tasks that are needed. For example, if your tires saw a lot of miles last summer it may be a good idea to get new ones. A little tread may be fine for a quick trip across town. But if you are planning an all day ride, you should make certain your tires have enough tread for it.

4. Always check the weather.

You don’t have to live in Utah for very long to recognize how finicky the weather can be. You can wake up to clear skies and sunshine and be blanketed in snow by breakfast. Thunderstorms, cold snaps, and wind storms can all cause serious problems when riding. Do your best to be prepared by checking the weather regularly.

5. Practice defensive riding skills.

Every rider has heard this before but is important to say nonetheless. You are at a much greater risk of injury in an accident than those in passenger cars. While you hope that drivers will be looking out for you, that is not always going to be the case. Ride like they cannot see you.

Injured in a Utah Motorcycle Accident?

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