Avoiding a Motorcycle Accident Caused by Animals

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Avoid a motorcycle accident caused by animals in the road.

Motorcycle accidents caused by animals can be deadly. Animals in the road – particularly deer – can cause accidents with all sorts of vehicles. However, these accidents are especially deadly if they involve motorcyclists. According to one statistic, almost 70 percent of accidents between motorcyclists and deer lead to injury or death. The last thing any rider wants is to get into a motorcycle accident with a deer or other animal.

The strategies for dealing with animals on the road are different for motorcyclists than they are for drivers. Let’s look at some of the most important.

How to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident with Animals

1. Be aware of when they are most active to avoid a motorcycle accident.

Depending on where you live in Utah, you may have to watch out for deer, antelope, rabbits, or some other types of animals. Knowing the patterns of the animals that are most active in your area can help you know when to be extra careful. For example, deer are more active in the fall at dusk and dawn. If you are riding at these times, go slower and keep your eyes peeled.

2. Improve your ability to see.

One of the nice things about motorcycles is the ability to customize them to your needs. You might be able to install auxiliary lamps on your bike that light up the periphery. The better your ability to see, the more likely you are to notice animals as they edge out onto the road.

3. Go slower in dangerous areas.

If you have been riding in the area for very long, you are probably aware of the spots where animals jump into the road. Some areas will even have signs indicating that you should watch for animals in the roadway.

When there is a greater chance of an animal jumping into the road and causing a motorcycle accident, slow down. The slower you are going, the easier it will be to see animals and to react to them. It may be a little frustrating to slow down, but it’s better than sustaining a motorcycle accident injury.

4. Don’t swerve – slow down and stop if you see an animal.

Swerving to avoid animals is a good way to hurt yourself while riding. But you can’t just plow through them either. Your best bet is to slow down and let the animal pass.

5. Avoid trying to push them out of the way with your bike.

Larger animals can and do attack riders on their bikes. Don’t try to intimidate them. Otherwise they could cause a motorcycle accident and leave you injured.

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