Why Utah Sexual Abuse Victims Should Hire a Lawyer

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Why Utah Sexual Abuse Victims Should Hire a Lawyer

For many sexual assault and child molestation victims, the process of going through the criminal justice system is exhausting. The last thing they want to do is engage in more legal action. But as a victim’s rights law firm, we encourage Utah sexual abuse victims to consider taking legal action in civil court. A successful lawsuit against the responsible party can help hold them accountable and provide much-needed financial support in a time of need.

Utah Sexual Abuse Victims – Why You Should Hire a Lawyer

Sexual abuse, including sexual assault and molestation, happen more often than people realize. There are several factors that we believe are worth considering for sexual abuse victims in Utah. These include:

1. You deserve compassionate legal representation.

One of the problems with the criminal justice system is that it is often hard on victims. District attorneys are mainly focused on getting convictions – which can mean treating victims as tools rather than as people. In contrast, a reputable Utah sexual abuse attorney focuses on caring for the abuse survivor. They understand how traumatic such abuse can be and strive to treat the client with compassion.

2. Pursuing legal action doesn’t cost you out of pocket.

At Carlson Injury, we represent our sexual abuse clients through “contingent fee agreements.” That means that we only collect payment from our clients if we obtain a monetary recovery for them. In other words, you only pay for our services if we win your case. This type of agreement frees you from needing to worry about paying legal fees to pursue your case.

3. Financial compensation can provide a better future.

Financial compensation cannot change the past – but it can provide for a better future for you and your loved ones. Sexual abuse can often lead to years of struggle for survivors. It can make it difficult to lead a normal life and provide for yourself without mental healthcare treatment. Paying for that treatment and supporting yourself as you recover requires money. A successful lawsuit can provide that money.

We Assist Utah Sexual Abuse Victims and Victims Nationwide

Wherever you live in the U.S., if you or a loved one want to speak to a sexual abuse lawyer, we are here to help. We can represent Utah residents and assist residents of other states in finding a local attorney that we can work with. If you want to take legal action, we want to help.

Our firm offers a free consultation, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling (801) 845-4577 or completing our secure online contact form. Once we have your information, we will reach out to you so you can tell your story to our attorney. Then, we can provide you with knowledgeable legal guidance so you can choose your next steps.

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