Trucking Accidents in Utah – Who’s Responsible?

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Responsibility for trucking accidents in Utah

Trucking accidents in Utah are all too common. If you asked most people who’s responsible, you’d likely hear, “The driver.” But the truth is, the cause of truck accidents can be more complex than many realize. Sometimes it is certainly the driver’s fault that a trucking accident occurred. But sometimes, it’s not.

Who is Responsible for Trucking Accidents in Utah?

As a leading trucking accident law firm in Utah, we have seen our fair share of accidents between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles. Multiple parties can share liability for a truck accident, including:

The Truck Driver

Drinking and driving, texting and driving, drug use and driving – there are many things truck drivers can do that can lead to accidents. Any choices the driver makes that are negligent can cause a truck accident or at least contribute to an accident.

The Company that Hires the Truck Driver

Unfortunately, some companies do not treat their employees as they should. Trucking companies are no exception. These companies may prioritize speed and profit over employee wellbeing. If a trucking company pushes a driver to work more than they should, for example, the company might be liable for the accident.

Trucking companies can also ignore other safety standards and practices. If the trucking company owns the truck and fails to maintain it, the court could consider that a contributing factor in the accident.

The Owner of the Commercial Truck

Various parties can own commercial trucks. If the owner of the truck does not keep it well maintained, they could be liable. Regulators set standards that commercial truck owners must follow. If the truck owner did not follow the steps required by law, the court could find the owner liable for the accident.

The Company That Loaded the Truck

There are standards and safety protocols that cargo loaders should adhere to. Improperly secured loads are dangerous. Companies that load cargo without adhering to safety regulations are behaving negligently and should be held accountable.

The Truck Manufacturer

Commercial truck manufacturers are sometimes defendants in personal injury cases. There are times when defects in commercial trucks lead to accidents. For example, if a truck has faulty brakes and that causes an accident, the court could find the manufacturer liable.

Let Us Help You Find the Responsible Party

Our Utah truck accident lawyer diligently investigates every trucking accident case our firm takes on. Did a trucking accident leave you seriously injured? Our firm can help you determine who was responsible for the accident. We are ready to fight hard on your behalf.

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