What Counts as Utah Youth Treatment Center Abuse?

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Utah Youth Treatment Center Abuse

Utah youth treatment center abuse is an ongoing problem, one that state legislators are only now starting to address. It is difficult for many to imagine that treatment centers – organizations families entrust to help their children heal – would instead go so far as to abuse those children. Unfortunately, the abuse is all too real.

Abuse is a word that carries different meanings for different people. It’s worthwhile to define some of the actions that are considered abuse at youth treatment centers. Knowing the kinds of things these organizations are capable of can help families understand the real risks of improperly run treatment centers.

Utah Youth Treatment Center Abuse – Examples

Year after year, stories come out about various accusations of Utah youth treatment center abuse. One of the most significant moments of exposure came in 2008, in a hearing before the U.S. House of Representatives. Some of the examples of abuse discussed in that session include children forced to:

  • Remain in seclusion for days
  • Stay in “stress positions” for hours at a time
  • Undergo extreme physical exertion without enough food or water
  • Go without access to bathrooms
  • Defecate on themselves
  • Pair with other children who would bully and abuse them

Paris Hilton Utah Youth Treatment Center Abuse

In a more recent story, reality star Paris Hilton went public with stories about her abuse at treatment centers for youth in Utah. She released a documentary that included discussions of the abuse. But she didn’t stop there. She went on to testify in front of Utah legislators about the abuse she had suffered at the hands of treatment centers.

Her descriptions of the abuse she experienced were in line with many of the examples listed above. She was – with her parent’s consent – kidnapped from her parent’s home by treatment center staff. While at the treatment center, she was in solitary confinement multiple times. The staff also made her work in the outdoors with little protection for extended periods of time. When she tried to get away, they always brought her back.

Fighting Back Against Abusive Treatment Centers

At Carlson Law, we are committed to fighting back against youth treatment center abuse. Our team has helped multiple abuse victims take legal action against the treatment centers that abused them. Once we hear your story, we can tell you if your case is strong and what you should do next.

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