Paris Hilton Speaks Out About Residential Treatment Center Abuse

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Treatment Center Abuse

Paris Hilton recently made national news when she spoke to lawmakers about residential treatment center abuse. Her experiences at the Provo Canyon School in the 1990s might surprise many in the public. However, they are less surprising for anyone familiar with residential treatment centers. Hilton’s accusations may put more pressure on authorities to regulate treatment centers. If regulation improves, it will benefit young patients and parents alike.

What Happened to Paris Hilton in Utah?

Paris Hilton’s parents sent her to several residential treatment centers in her teens. One of those was Provo Canyon. There she says she experienced the most abuse. Quoted by NBC News, Paris Hilton told the Utah Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee, “I was verbally, mentally, and physically abused on a daily basis. I was cut off from the outside world and stripped of all of my human rights.”  

Hilton described multiple abuses, including:

  • Verbal, mental, and physical abuse
  • Being denied communications with the outside world, including her parents
  • Forced to take medication that made her feel numb and exhausted
  • Watched by staff while she showered and used the bathroom
  • Solitary confinement

Paris Hilton Demands More Regulation

Utah has a booming residential treatment center industry. However, regulators do not pay sufficient attention to the industry. The lack of oversite allows abuse to occur. It also makes it difficult for patients to report abuse. Even if they do report it, there is no guarantee that anything will be done about it.

Hilton wants more regulation in the residential treatment center industry. She testified in support of a bill sponsored by Sen. Michael McKell. If lawmakers approve the bill, it will require several things. The law will force treatment centers to document instances of physical restraint, involuntary confinement, and other extreme measures. It will also ban mechanical restraints and chemical sedation.

What Options Do Residential Treatment Center Abuse Victims Have Now?

With enough pressure, Utah may eventually pass laws that help prevent residential treatment center abuse. But those laws are not in place right now. That leaves abuse victims and their families in a tough situation. You know that the abuse was wrong. But how do you hold the abusers accountable?

At Carlson Injury, we are passionate about protecting young people from abuse in Utah treatment centers. Our firm helps families pursue legal action against abusive treatment center facilities.

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