Types of Damages in a Utah Car Accident Case

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Damages include medical bills

When you speak to a personal injury lawyer about your Utah car accident case, it’s reasonable to ask about money. If you win your case, what kind of compensation can you expect? It’s a question we hear regularly at Carlson Injury Law and one we do our best to answer. But every case is different and we can only estimate what the outcome will be. However, we can clearly explain the factors that the court will consider – including the types of damages you may recover.

What are Damages in a Utah Car Accident Case?

In car accident cases, the law is designed to help victims become “whole” as much as possible. The idea is that you should be as close to the financial position and emotional position as you were before the accident and the injuries it caused. The way the law accomplishes this goal is through compensation – also known as damages.

Damages in your personal injury case must “…flow from, or are the natural consequence of” the accident. For instance, any medical bills you incur to treat your injuries from the accident flow from the incident.

There are two categories of damages in a personal injury case:

Special Damages

Special damages are the types of damages that attorneys can calculate based on existing receipts, invoices, and the market value of goods and services. They can also project these costs into the future. Medical bills, travel expenses, lost wages – these are all expenses that your attorney can show the court to demonstrate the financial cost of your injuries.

The special damages you incur directly after your accident can be substantial – but it is often the future damages that are the larger share of the overall cost. If your injury prevents you from working in the future, for example, the wages you will lose in the decades to come will be significant.

General Damages

General damages refer to things like pain and suffering. Pain, suffering, and emotional damages are very real – as you may be well aware of if you have been in a serious car accident. They can last for years or even a lifetime.

It is more difficult to put a monetary amount to general damages, but it can be done. A skilled car accident attorney will understand how to demonstrate general damages to the court and put a dollar amount to them.

Carlson Injury Law is Here to Help

Our Utah car accident law firm has helped numerous clients to prove damages and get compensation. We understand how difficult it is to put your life back together after car accident injuries. We want you to know that you don’t have to do it all on your own. Tell us your story and let us put our experience to work for you.

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