Common Causes of Auto Accidents in Winter

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It is probably not surprising, but icy roads are the most dangerous road condition for drivers. Snow is not safe, either. Winter weather leads to three fatalities out of every 1,000 traffic accidents. Driving in winter can make auto accidents more likely for a variety of reasons. Let’s look at some of the most common causes of winter auto accidents below.

Winter Auto Accidents – Common Causes

Some of the most frequent causes of auto accidents in winter include:

1. Ice on the roads.

If you have ever accidentally stepped on some ice and slipped and fell, you know how dangerous ice can be. There is so little friction between the soles of your shoes – or the tread on your tires – and the ice that control becomes difficult if not impossible. That’s why ice is such a common contributor to auto accidents in Utah and throughout states with colder winters.

Black ice is arguably the worst type of ice on the road because it can be almost invisible. Drivers get lured into a sense of safety when the road looks clear, only to be surprised by black ice.

2. Lack of visibility.

Another major contributor to auto accidents in winter is low visibility. When snow is falling heavily it can be difficult to see far in front of your vehicle. It may cover up the indicators on the road and make it hard to see other vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, low winter visibility can lead to tragic accidents like those resulting from drivers drifting into oncoming lanes of traffic.

Because winter driving often suffers from low visibility, it is important to leave your headlights on even during the day as you drive. That way, other drivers are more likely to see your vehicle.

3. Bad tires.

Tires can be expensive, so it is common for car owners to put off purchasing new tires until absolutely necessary. Reduced traction on winter roads is common and can exacerbate existing tire issues. For example, if your tires were just adequate this summer, a little snow may be enough to make them dangerous on winter roads.

Check your tires before winter arrives and verify you have enough tread for the season. You should also check your tire pressure in winter because it will often need adjusting due to the cold weather.

Helping Victims in Utah Auto Accidents

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