Why Are Utah Truck Accidents So Deadly?

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Car and truck accidents often lead to injury and sometimes to fatalities. However, Utah truck accidents involving large commercial vehicles are far more likely to cause catastrophic injuries and death. What is it that makes these accidents so dangerous?

Utah Truck Accidents – Some of the Deadliest

In 2019 alone, there were over 5,000 commercial trucks involved in crashes that resulted in fatalities. Statistics show that a commercial truck accident is the last thing you want to be involved in. Some of the reasons why these accidents are so dangerous include:

Large commercial trucks weigh far more than passenger vehicles.

The average passenger car weighs around 5,000 pounds. That might seem heavy, but not compared to the average weight of an 18-wheeler – 80,000 pounds. The difference in weight is substantial, and it is a major contributing factor in why Utah truck accidents are so dangerous.

In a truck accident, the energy from the impact winds up in the smaller car and the passengers in the car. An 80,000-pound truck is going to generate a massive amount of energy in a crash, energy that can destroy cars and occupants.

The size and shape of large trucks make them deadlier.

A large commercial truck with a trailer can be 80 feet long or longer. That is much longer than the 10 to 20 feet of length of passenger cars and trucks. Since commercial trucks are so long, they can hit multiple vehicles when they crash. That is why there are often numerous cars that sustain damage in a commercial truck accident.

Large trucks are also much taller than passenger vehicles. When these trucks are involved in accidents, they can travel over the top of cars. Even the best-designed car is vulnerable to the shearing effect of a truck or trailer sliding over the top of the car.

Commercial truck cargo can also cause injuries and fatalities.

When a truck carrying cargo is involved in an accident, that cargo can come loose and hit cars. Or, the cargo could be damaged in the accident and cause injuries, such as if the cargo is explosive or poisonous. Cargo can also be heavy and cause injuries when it hits cars and occupants.

Helping Those Hurt in Utah Truck Accidents

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