What is Considered Distracted Driving in Utah?

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Distracted driving in Utah includes eating while driving.

Most people are aware of the problem posed by distracted driving. In 2016, Utah had 5,748 distracted driver crashes – an obvious indicator that driving while distracted can be dangerous. Using handheld mobile devices is likely the most common form of distracted driving in Utah, but there are others. Let’s look at the various ways a driver can be distracted while driving.

Types of Distracted Driving in Utah

1. Texting while driving

The most obvious form of distracted driving in Utah is texting while driving. In only a few decades, texting while driving became a major cause of car crashes, injuries, and fatalities. Research shows that texting while driving is extremely dangerous – you cannot pay attention to the road and text. You can easily travel the length of a football field while looking at your phone to type a text.

2. Voice to text

That’s right – talking to text is a form of distracted driving. Why? According to the Utah Department of Public Safety, voice to text is more distracting than typing texts by hand. The problem with talking to text is that you must keep checking the text to verify its accuracy. Making corrections takes real concentration that you should be devoting to the road.

3. Talking on the phone

According to the Utah Department of Public Safety, drivers can miss up to 50% of what they are seeing on the road when talking on the phone. The Department explains the problem with an example of talking on the phone and reading a book. You can do either one well when you are doing it alone. But your brain just can’t manage to do both at the same time – at least not with significant accuracy.

4. Eating

Most of us have experienced the distraction of eating while driving. Trying to eat a cheeseburger, fries, and a soda requires multitasking, especially when you are driving. Food may fall on your lap and distract you. Perhaps you want ketchup on your fries. All of these thoughts and the actions they initiate are distractions.

5. Applying makeup.

It is common to see drivers applying makeup if you are in a traffic jam. The problem is that some drivers choose to apply makeup on their way to work or other destinations. Your eyes need to be on the road and your mind needs to be focused on driving for safety reasons. Looking up in the mirror to apply makeup is not safe.

Injured by a Distracted Driver in Utah?

Distracted driving can have serious consequences. It can lead to accidents that leave people injured or even dead. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused by a distracted driver, we would like to hear your story.

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