How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help in Drunk Driving Accident?

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Drunk driving accidents happen more often than we think. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “Every day, about 32 people in the United States die in drunk-driving crashes — that’s one person every 45 minutes.”

It was also reported that “in 2020, 11,654 people died in alcohol-impaired driving traffic deaths — a 14% increase from 2019.” 

As experienced car accident attorneys in Utah, we know that one of the most frustrating things about drunk driving accidents is that almost all of them are preventable. It’s an unfortunate occurrence that no one should have to deal with. 

However, if you or your loved one was injured in a drunk driving accident, you’ll do well to engage the services of a proven car accident lawyer from the get-go to obtain justice. 

What’s more? You may also be entitled to receive monetary compensation for your damages and losses. A car accident injury lawyer in Utah can help you navigate the legal maze, receive your dues, and come out on top.

Mentioned ahead are a few ways in which a seasoned car accident attorney can help in your drunk driving accident case. 

5 Ways a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help in Your Drunk Driving Case

Victims of drunk driving accidents can seek legal representation to recover financial compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, repair bills, and pain and suffering. Your car accident attorney will support you every step of the way in your fight for justice.

1. They’ll Provide Information and Guidance Specific to Your Case

Few would disagree if we said that laws related to drunk driving and accidents are complicated and difficult to understand for layman. Fortunately, a car accident attorney will be well-versed with the regulations applicable to your case and know how to address them in a timely manner. 

Moreover, it is only natural for a victim of a drunk driving accident to feel overwhelmed by the dangerous situation they faced. A car accident lawyer can be the best source of guidance to get through the legal procedures, while you focus on your recovery. 

You may have questions about liability, economic and non-economic damages, insurance, payment coverages, compensation, and so on. Your car accident lawyer will easily put your queries and worries to rest by answering them with facts.  

Depending on your specific circumstances, your attorney will provide you with prudent advice to keep you on course. They’ll work tirelessly to prevent any potential exploitation or disregard of your legal rights. 

2. They’ll Ensure a Proper Investigation

Ask any knowledgeable car accident lawyer and they’ll recommend that victims of drunk driving accidents take a few photos of the crash site and gather information for future use. This includes the responsible driver’s name, contact details, and the vehicle’s plate number. 

However, it may be difficult to get these details from an inebriated driver. Also, you may not be able to retain all this information due to serious injuries. 

This is where having a qualified car accident attorney can pay off. Lawyers are trained to gather the right kind of evidence that can support the victim’s claims during the settlement or court process. 

It’s obvious that proving the other party’s liability and getting fair compensation involves establishing that the other driver was drunk. To this end, your car accident lawyer will obtain the results of the blood/breath test, which is a critical piece of evidence. Apart from that, any CCTV footage from the site and eyewitness testimonials can be essential in the accident reconstruction

The trained eye of your attorney will look for all these details and more to build a strong case for you. They’ll invest their time, effort, and legal resources to help you bring the responsible driver to book. 

3. They’ll Communicate with Insurance Companies

Insurance is big business, and like any other commercial entity, they operate with the aim to minimize its financial losses. This often leads to victims of drunk driving accidents being inadequately compensated. 

As experienced car accident lawyers in Utah, we’re well aware of the tactics insurance companies use to intimidate or coerce victims into settling for a measly amount. We, therefore, try our best to prevent these companies from having their way.

Communicating with an insurance provider by yourself can be tricky as they can try to manipulate your statement, putting you in a tight spot. However, seasoned attorneys can anticipate their moves and counter them accordingly, helping you get what you deserve – fair and square.

4. They’ll Negotiate a Fair Settlement

As a victim, it can be nearly impossible for you to accurately calculate the exact amount needed to cover the financial damage you suffered after the accident. However, a competent car accident attorney in Utah will know exactly which factors to consider while making these calculations. 

They’ll prove your eligibility for compensation with the help of the gathered evidence and (case-related) financial as well as medical documents. They’ll also determine your eligibility for past and future medical bills, lost wages, vehicle damage, pain and suffering, and other applicable factors. 

Do bear in mind that even minor injuries can sometimes put you out of work and into rehabilitation. So, share each and every detail with your lawyer. The last thing you want is to incur financial losses because of an intoxicated or negligent driver

5. They’ll Litigate for You

Utah is a no-fault state, where each driver’s insurance pays for their own medical bills regardless of who causes the crash. But what happens if the insurance company does not offer satisfactory compensation or the fault remains undetermined? 

In such a situation, you’ll benefit immensely from having a dependable and skilled team of Utah car accident lawyers representing you in court. 

Hire an Experienced Utah Car Accident Attorney to Navigate the Legal System

While it’s common knowledge that drunk driving is extremely risky, some people continue to flout the law and get behind the wheel despite being intoxicated. As a victim, you have a lot at stake. 

The best way to deal with such a situation is to turn to a reliable car accident attorney in Utah as one of your first steps. They’ll provide you with professional guidance to steer you through the complex and overwhelming legal process.  

Even before you talk to the police, you should speak to a lawyer because anything you say can eventually be used against you. At Carlson Injury Law, our car accident lawyers are committed to helping you get through the legal ordeal and obtain the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.