Fall Riding Tips – Prevent Utah Motorcycle Accidents

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Fall riding tips prevent utah motorcycle accidents

Fall is a great time to hit the road on your motorcycle. The weather is cooling down but you still have plenty of daylight. The snows have yet to set in. And your gear won’t keep you sweating the whole time. However, like every season, it’s important to practice safe riding habits to avoid Utah motorcycle accidents.

Preventing Utah Motorcycle Accidents with Safe Fall Riding Habits

1. Make sure your riding skills are up to date.

You probably got in plenty of time on the road this summer. But if you didn’t for some reason, consider practicing some safety drills like braking and maneuvering before you go on a long ride. And if it’s been a long time since you’ve ridden, it could be helpful to take a safety course.

2. Verify your lights are operational.

You can still get in a long day of riding in the fall, but it does get dark sooner than it did in the summer. There’s a good chance you will still need your lights, so make certain they are working correctly. Take a look at your brake lights, headlights, taillights, and turn signals to be sure.

3. Put on some touring tires.

Sport tires are excellent for warm summer days when you get plenty of traction. But cooler roads and temperatures – and possible debris, water, and ice on the road – justify switching to touring tires. They will handle the challenges of the fall season better than sporty tires.

4. Dress in layers.

It can be freezing cold and sweltering hot all in a single day during the fall. It’s best to be prepared for all kinds of weather right now. As long as you have saddlebags or a compartment for storing extra clothes, it should not be a problem to bring as many layers as you need. Some riders choose to wear heated clothing – something to consider if you know it’s going to be a cold day.

5. Watch out for leaves.

Be extra careful when riding through leaves and other debris. Piles of leaves can hide all sorts of hazards and are best avoided if you can. If you can’t, slow down and try to avoid making any sudden turns because wet leaves can be extremely slippery under your tires.

Committed to Preventing Utah Motorcycle Accidents

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