Utah Motorcycle Accident Avoidance – Tips for Spring

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Utah Motorcycle Accident Avoidance Tips

No one ever wants to get into a Utah motorcycle accident – but it can still happen, and does all too often. Fortunately, there are things you can do to protect yourself on the road. Here are some motorcycle safety tips specifically for spring riding in Utah.

Safe Riding Tips for Spring – Avoid a Utah Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents can be caused by a variety of things, including riders, drivers, and the environment. Spring weather presents its own dangers. Some things you can do to decrease your likelihood of a Utah motorcycle accident in spring include:

1. Increase your visibility.

If you have been riding long, you have heard how often drivers say they “never saw” motorcyclists they hit. Research shows that this is often true – whether they should have looked harder or not. That’s why you want to be as visible as possible.

Spring weather can switch quickly from sunny to dark and cloudy. Wear bright-colored gear, keep your lights on, and take up as much space as possible.

2. Bring gear for all weather possibilities.

The weather in Utah can be pretty extreme – and in spring, it can go from blizzard to sunshine and back again all in a day. Just because it’s sunny when you set out doesn’t mean it will stay that way.

Experienced Utah riders know to wear layers and pack extra gear in their saddlebags. You want to be ready for sunny, hot weather and snowstorms as well.

3. Avoid alcohol or other intoxicants.

When the weather finally breaks and you get some sunshine, it can feel like the perfect time to have a party. You might want to ride to the bar and have some drinks with your friends. But remember, alcohol will impair your ability to ride safely. Even a tiny mistake can mean disaster on a motorcycle.

It’s ok to meet up with friends, have a great meal, and enjoy yourself. But if you start drinking, just plan on getting home some other way than on your bike. Ask a friend to pick you up. Request an Uber. Do what you need to do but avoid drinking and riding. Far too many riders find themselves in a Utah motorcycle accident because they drink and ride.


Unfortunately, even if you do everything right, a car or truck can still hit you. When that happens, it can lead to catastrophic injuries and change your life forever. If that happens to you, we recommend you speak to a Utah motorcycle accident attorney. In fact, we recommend you speak to our motorcycle accident attorney.

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