Tips for Avoiding Utah Trucking Accidents

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Tips for avoiding utah trucking accidents

Utah trucking accidents are often deadly for passenger vehicle occupants. Given the risk such accidents pose, it only makes sense to do everything you can to avoid them. Here are some helpful tips from your trucking accident law firm, Carlson Injury.

Avoiding Utah Trucking Accidents – 5 Tips

1. Leave enough space between your vehicle and commercial trucks.

Maintaining a safe distance between your vehicle and big trucks is important for several reasons. Trucks take much longer to stop, so you want to leave enough room between you and them for stopping. They also have more blind spots than passenger cars, which means they could miss you and hit you if you are too close.

2. Be aware of their blind spots.

There are multiple spots around the truck where truck drivers cannot see, even with their mirrors. They can’t see directly in front of the bumper, directly behind the trailer, or along a large portion of the passenger side. There is also a blind spot close to the driver’s side. Avoid all of these – and when you can’t avoid them, move through them promptly.

3. Pass on the driver’s side only and do so as quickly as the speed limit will allow.

Never pass on the passenger’s side because they may not be able to see you there. They could change lanes while you are in the lane. Even passing on the driver’s side, maintain caution and drive purposefully. It is always safer to be in front of or behind a large truck than right next to it.

4. Give them plenty of room in bad weather.

As mentioned above, large trucks take more time and distance to stop. Bad weather, like rain and snow, only increases that time and distance. It’s always a good idea to keep extra distance between you and big trucks in bad weather. Not only do they take longer to stop, but they may also struggle more to see your vehicle.

5. Avoid trying to squeeze in front of them when merging.

Traffic is frustrating for everyone. But squeezing in front of a commercial truck is too hazardous to risk, even if you are in a hurry. The truck driver might not see what you are doing and hit you. Or, they could get angry and try to keep you out which could also lead to an accident. Either way, your small vehicle will take much more damage than their truck will.

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