Utah Nursing Home Abuse – One of the Worst States

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Study shows Utah nursing home abuse is prevalent

Utah is a wonderful state in many ways. But, like any state, we do have some serious issues that we need to address. Utah nursing home abuse is one of them. According to one study of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, Utah nursing home abuse common. It is so bad that our state ranks #48 out of 51. Such a poor ranking is cause for concern, especially for those with family members in Utah nursing homes.

Carlson Injury is a supporter of improving nursing home treatment – and we believe that improvement starts by recognizing how bad things currently are.

What Factors Contribute to Utah Nursing Home Abuse

The study we linked above is meant to give an overview of not only Utah nursing home abuse, but nursing home abuse on the national level. Estimates on the prevalence of nursing home abuse vary, but one estimate theorizes that up to ten percent of those over 60 experience abuse. The National Council on Aging thinks that authorities learn about only one in 24 cases of abuse.

To better understand the results of the study, we should explore the methodology. The methodology of the study considered three major factors – prevalence, resources, and protection. Based on these criteria, the researchers gave Utah some of the worst scores for all three categories.


The study looked at the number of complaints per 100,000 for elder abuse, gross neglect, and exploitation for residents 65 and older. It considered the estimated rate of elder fraud and the amount of elder fraud loss per reported fraud.


The study considered the total money spent on elder abuse prevention, the total money spent on legal assistance development, and the total long-term care ombudsman program funding per resident 65 or older.


There were multiple categories the study examined in this category, including:

  • Financial elderly abuse laws
  • Eldercare organizations and services per elderly resident
  • Presence of elder abuse forensic centers
  • Presence of elder abuse working groups
  • Certified volunteer ombudsmen per elderly resident
  • Frequency of assisted-living facilities inspections
  • Quality of nursing homes
  • Presence of laws allowing surveillance cams in nursing homes
  • Number of elder justice task forces
  • Presence of elder abuse shelters

Utah Should Do More To Prevent Elder Abuse

As you can see from the study, preventing elder abuse in Utah is a complex problem. However, it is a problem that the majority of the other states in the U.S. have addressed better than Utah. Studies like this one shine a spotlight on areas that our state can improve. While it is helpful to have information like the results of this study, it is even more important to make changes to address these issues.

Victim of Utah Nursing Home Abuse?

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