Why Holiday Truck Accidents are More Common

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Why Holiday Truck Accidents are More Common

When you think of the holidays, you are probably not thinking about truck accidents. Unfortunately, Utah truck accidents happen quite often around the holidays. There are multiple reasons for this. Read on to learn more.

Holiday Truck Accidents in Utah – Why Do They Happen?

Truck accidents in Utah are often caused by similar things, such as fatigue and impairment. However, the holiday season can increase the likelihood of accidents because of the extra stress and demands required of drivers. Let’s look at some of the ways the holidays can lead to more trucking accidents.

1. Drivers are more likely to be fatigued.

Anyone who participates in the traditions of the holidays, like gift-giving and celebrations, knows that holiday fatigue is real. Truck drivers are even more prone to fatigue than other people during this season. That is because they often work long hours driving to deliver the things we want and need.

All of the goods you find in your favorite stores are brought there by truck drivers. During the holidays, they put in extra hours and are therefore more prone to fatigue. That fatigue can and does lead to truck accidents.

2. Impaired driving is a problem for truck drivers, too.

Many drivers are more prone to driving while intoxicated during the holiday season. Everyone knows that they shouldn’t drive drunk – especially truck drivers – but that doesn’t stop some people. And drunk driving while behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler can be incredibly hazardous.

Truck drivers are also prone to the use of stimulants to meet the demands of their jobs. Driving under the influence of stimulants like methamphetamines is highly illegal, but again, some people do it anyway. That can lead to poor decision-making and deadly accidents.

3. Drivers and companies can cut corners during maintenance to meet high demand.

Some truck accidents are caused by improperly maintained trucks and trailers. Whether it is the driver’s responsibility or the trucking company, failing to maintain a commercial vehicle can have deadly results.

When demands on drivers and trucking companies are at their highest – like during the holidays – it can lead those responsible for maintenance to cut corners. When this happens, the likelihood of a trucking accident goes up.

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