Tips to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident in Winter

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Tips to avoid a motorcycle accident in winter

Many motorcyclists put their bikes away for the winter – but not all. You might find riding in winter to be enjoyable or you may wind up riding in the winter out of necessity. Whatever your reasons, if you plan on going out on your bike in the coldest months of the year pay careful attention to your safety. Otherwise, you could wind up in a potentially deadly motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Accident Avoidance – Winter Riding Tips

Here are some of the most important winter riding tips for motorcyclists:

1. Avoid riding in snow or ice.

Sometimes you do not have a choice. But if there is any way to avoid riding in snowy or icy conditions, seriously consider doing so. Winter weather can make driving a car or truck dangerous, and the danger increases when you are on a motorcycle. With just two tires on the road, your vehicle is more prone to losing traction.

2. Prep your bike and your gear for winter.

If you have spent even one winter in Utah, you know that winter can be very cold. Even on clear, sunny days, you need to be prepared. Many riders who hit the road in winter add things like larger windshields and heated grips. The more you can do to stay warm and comfortable, the better.

Your gear needs to be appropriate for winter riding as well. While you want to be warm – such as wearing a battery-powered jacket – you also need ventilation for when you get too hot. Pack extra layers in your saddlebags just in case, because the weather can change quickly.

3. Learn to recognize icy roads, particularly black ice.

You want to be extremely careful when riding on ice. Obviously, you want to avoid it when you can, but sometimes it will show up on the road anyway. One of the best ways to spot ice is to pay attention to what the traffic ahead of you is doing. If they are slowing down, take heed and lower your speed.

4. Keep your lights on.

Depending on the age of your bike, you may have automatic daytime running lights. If not, be sure to turn your lights on and leave them on. They will make it easier for others to see you.

5. Practice winter riding in a safe space.

If you have never ridden your bike in winter, try to find a safe space to get some practice in. There may be courses you can take. You can also practice in empty parking lots and on less-traveled roads.

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