Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Utah

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Signs of nursing home abuse in Utah

According to the National Institute on Aging, every year hundreds of thousands of adults 60-years-old or older suffer exploitation, abuse, and neglect. That is far too many. Nursing home abuse in Utah and throughout the country is rampant and it is time more people paid attention.

At Carlson Injury, we help nursing home abuse victims and their families take legal action against their abusers. Our experience has shown us that there are some tell-tale signs of nursing home abuse that we can all look out for.

Nursing Home Abuse in Utah – Signs of Abuse

Some signs of abuse are obvious, some not so much. It’s important to stay aware of the state of your loved one’s mind and body when they are in a facility. Here are some of the most common signs of abuse:

1. Withdrawing from normal activities.

Abusers are often good at hiding the evidence of their crimes. You may not notice bruises or other marks. But abuse can lead to other things you can notice, like changes in behavior. Abuse victims will sometimes withdraw from things they once enjoyed, like activities, socializing, and so on.

2. Weight loss.

Weight loss can result from abusers withdrawing access to food. It can also result from emotional trauma. Some elderly people will stop eating when they are suffering abuse.

3. Signs of trauma.

This is the most obvious sign, but it can be hard sometimes for families to accept that their loved one is showing signs of abuse. Bruises, cuts, scrapes – sometimes, even broken bones – can all be signs that someone is hurting your loved one.

4. Development of preventable symptoms like bedsores.

If caregivers are not doing their jobs, like moving patients regularly to avoid bedsores, the signs will eventually show.

5. Lack of cleanliness.

Dirty hair, unwashed clothes, messy rooms – nursing homes are supposed to care for residents and that includes keeping them clean.

6. Lashing out at others.

Abuse victims may not have the ability to fight back against their abusers. That can lead to frustration and even rage which is then directed at others.

7. Staff’s unwillingness to discuss problems.

The issues your loved one is experiencing may not be caused by one bad actor. It might be the fault of the organization as a whole, management, and so on. If none of the staff will acknowledge the issues or try to help, you should be extremely suspicious.

Legal Help for Nursing Home Abuse in Utah

Our firm understands how frustrating and frightening it can be to see your loved one being abused. We want you to know that you have legal options. Our Utah personal injury firm has a track record of success when it comes to nursing home abuse cases. Let us put our skills and experience to work for you.

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