Colleen Cowles: November 2020 Teacher of the Month

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Colleen Cowles
Ms Cowles teaches 9th-11th Grade Math (pre-secondary, secondary 1, and math 1030) at Venture High School. She has been teaching for 6 years. Thank you, Colleen!

Above and beyond

Mrs. Cowles is one of the most hard-working teachers around. All teachers work hard so that is really saying something! Mrs. Cowles goes above and beyond for her students and her school. She works tirelessly making sure each student has the tools they need to be successful in math. She is always willing to help after school and spent countless additional hours during online learning making sure students understood. What really makes her stand out as an educator is her never-ending efforts towards making students feel at home in our school. She helps students foster healthy relationships with each other and with adult mentors. 

Mrs. Cowles has dedicated hundreds of hours to events and activities that make our high school fun and unique. She ensured that Messtival and Crew Olympics were premier Venture High School events. Students love throwing colors, pasta, and shaving cream at Messtival. Crew Olympics brings unique competitions to our school. Mrs. Cowles is also the teacher lead of Adventure Club and she started our service club, V2. These events and clubs require extra work, focus, and passion, which Mrs. Cowles has in spades. Hundreds of students have benefited from her willingness to make fun happen. 

Mrs. Cowles is a crucial member of our staff and brings an awesome amount of energy and love to our school.

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