How Can a Lawyer Help You with Nursing Home Abuse?

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A nursing home is a private institution offering residential accommodation along with healthcare to elderly people. Its main purpose is to provide housing for people who don’t need to be in a hospital, but cannot be cared for at home. Providing medical and physical therapy, these nursing homes tend to the needs of an elderly person. Given how there is the possibility of neglect and abuse to trickle into any institution, it is important to understand the intricacies of the subject if you think your loved one has been in a similar situation.

What Qualifies as Neglect & Abuse in a Nursing Home? 

With each year, the number of older adults experiencing injuries is steadily increasing. The prevalence of neglect and abuse within nursing homes cannot be denied. Being one of the most vulnerable fractions of our society, our elders face a variety of behaviors and actions that can be classified as negligence and abuse.

The responsibility of nursing homes is to provide a range of services that are necessary for the health and safety of the residents. This is inclusive of providing them with proper medical care, hygiene, safety, appropriate supervision, clothing, food, and shelter. Failing to provide any of these services is neglect and doing it intentionally, is abuse. Additionally, any violation of rights is considered abuse, such as violating the elder individual through verbal, physical, sexual or mental means. 

Each resident should also have the liberty to make special dietary changes, participate in social activities, have regular visits from a physician and have visitors. Failing to promote such activities is considered neglect on the part of the nursing home, as the mental and physical needs of the resident are compromised. Any form of restraint needs to be documented and requires a direct written order from a physician. If used, it should be used moderately and only when other forms of interventions have failed to work. 

Unnecessarily restraining someone through the following instances, e.g. using locked wheels on a wheelchair, bedrails, lap buddies in wheelchairs, wrist restraints or restraining jackets, is considered abuse. Failing to acquire approval from the resident’s person of contact or failing to get a physician’s approval is also considered abuse in most scenarios. 

Why Having A Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Based In Utah Helps 

It is plausible for most common individuals to not understand complex laws governing the state of Utah. Rather than sweeping matters under the carpet, it is imperative for clients to fight if they’ve been victimized or put in an abusive situation due to a nursing home. Entitled to receive compensation for the below-mentioned elements, nursing home lawyers based in Utah, help residents of an abusive and ill-equipped nursing home find justice. 

  • compensation for the pain, suffering and injuries 
  • compensation for the medical expenses incurred due to abuse 
  • assistance in relocating the abused or neglected victim 

Being empathetic and working tirelessly to help their clients recover what they’re legally entitled to, the legal team of Carlson Injury Law works with commitment and integrity. After being informed of any such nursing home, we file a complaint with the suitable government agencies to protect the health and safety of your loved one. Investigating the abuse from our end, we cover all grounds and work in the interest of our client. With most nursing homes and care facilities requiring a court-appointed guardian for filing a legal action, we can help appoint this role to a family member. 

Possessing an all-inclusive understanding of nursing home laws governing the state of Utah, we provide relentless support and legal counsel, unlike any other. With your elderly living in nursing homes exhibiting the following signs and injuries, it becomes important for you to reach out to us. 

  • broken or fractured limbs
  • severe burns
  • sores
  • depression
  • dirty clothing
  • trouble walking or sitting down 

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