Devan Roper: May 2020 Teacher of the Month

carlsoninjuryUtah Teacher of the Month


We have two amazing teachers this month, and our second teacher is Devan Roper. Devan teaches 7th and 9th grade math at Legacy Jr High in West Layton, Utah.

Teaching mathematics takes a special talent. Especially to 7th grade students who are making the tough adjustment into Jr high school. It takes a gifted and devoted teacher to do the job, and Devan Roper excels!

Devan has that rare talent of understanding each and every student and where their level of understanding is. He is unfailingly kind which helps students open up to him where they feel comfortable to admit they’re lost. 

Devan also has a great sense of humor which is vital to teaching Jr high students. He infuses dry wit and sarcasm into his teaching. This engenders a fun and relaxed scholastic environment which keep students focused on learning what is often the hardest subject to grasp.

“Wow! Thank you for the incredibly kind words and taking the time to submit my name. Hearing this feedback is both rewarding and motivating for me to know why I teach and why I continue to try to give my best each day to students.”

Math Teacher Devan Roper, Legacy Jr High

Devan was nominated by Zander Rayl and his parents. Zander jumped at the chance to nominate Devan, who taught him in 7th grade. A quote from Zander and his parents shows the kind of teacher Devan is: “Perhaps his greatest trait is his ability to gain a students trust by showing he genuinely cares for each and every pupil. He is known for not playing favorites and makes everyone feel important regardless of their intellect or academic performace. He motivates by empowering his pupils through a constructive, yet relaxed style.”

We join an ocean of students and parents who appreciate Devan’s passion for teaching!

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