Motorcycle Safety Tips for Utah Drivers

Any motorcycle safety course will tell you – visibility is one of the fundamental requirements of safe riding. This is true whether you are riding through a Provo neighborhood or cruising I-15 from one end of Utah to the other. Drivers are notorious for failing to look out for motorcyclists. By making your body and your motorcycle more visible, you make it more likely that they will see you. Check out the tips below and keep them in mind for your next ride. 

5 Tips for High Visibility on Utah Roads

1. Bold Colors Greatly Help. 

Popular colors for motorcycles are black and brown. These colors are not a good idea when riding. If you blend in, drivers cannot see you, especially a night. The color of your bike should be something bright. 

2. Apply reflective tape. 

Reflective tape is particularly useful for parts of your bike that protrude beyond the area of your lights. For example, you can apply tape to your bike forks, wheels, and tail. When headlights hit the tape it reflects the light, so you can essentially create a full-size image of your bike that is hard to miss. You can put reflective tape on your wheels as well to give a highly-visible profile from the side. 

3. Wear brightly colored safety gear.

Darker colored motorcycle gear is popular, but it can help reduce your risk of getting hit by choosing something more colorful. According to one study, fluorescent or reflective clothing reduced crash risk for motorcyclists by 37 percent. Just a white helmet reduced crash risk by 24 percent. These are simple choices that can make a dramatic difference in your safety. 

4.  Keep your lights on during the day.

Many motorcyclists swear by leaving their brights on all day. But even if you aren’t comfortable with using your brights during the daytime, you can keep your lights on as your ride during the day. They don’t bother anyone and will increase your visibility when viewed head-on. 

5. Use your horn.

In the U.S., honking your horn is generally considered a sign of significant anger or frustration. But in many other parts of the world horns are used as a means of communication. You can honk your horn anytime you want to be noticed, such as if you are behind a car where the driver is texting while driving. A few beeps of your horn will make drivers aware that they need to be paying attention.

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