Ms Cheney: December 2020 Teacher of the Month

carlsoninjuryUtah Teacher of the Month

Ms Cheney
Ms. Cheney teaches 1st grade. She has been a teacher for 3 years. Thank you, Ms Cheney!

Students Feel Happy and Excited!

She cared, beyond education. When quarantine happened every math lesson, phonics lesson, “hegerty” lesson (whatever that is, ha), writing lesson, story time (including Harry Potter) etc…was a video of her teaching. EVERY lesson. But, that’s not all. The virtual happy birthday dances on a students birthday, classroom meetings every week, classroom talent show, virtual field trips, funny class votes (like how short should she cut her hair), and personal videos to each student cheering for them and encouraging made my 6 year old SMILE, feel happy, and EXCITED to open her computer each day for school. Thank you Ms. Cheney. Thanks for caring. We love you!

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