Sabrina Horbeck: September 2020 Teacher of the Month

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Sabrina Horbeck September 2020 teacher of the month

Sabrina teaches 10th grade at Layton High School. Thank you, Sabrina!

Caring attitude

Sabrina is my sister, she is a teacher who truly cares for the well being of her students. She bends over backwards for them, to help each student achieve thier goals. On top of her caring attitude, she runs the 
food bank (pantry) at Layton high school, and spends many extra hours there helping get food to those students and their families so they have food at home and can have a warm meal.

I’ve watched her spend countless dollars (on a teachers salery), make things for her students and her classroom, to help promote a more a learning friendly environment!! I’m proud to nominate her, I know what a value added resource she is to Layton high, and her students.

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