Truck Accidents in Utah – Finding Legal Help

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Negligent and reckless driving is common all around the world. Such acts of ignorance and sheer negligence can cause people to get severely injured, lose their lives and face property damages. Causing a higher degree of damage owing to the sheer size of a truck, a reckless truck driver poses significant risks to other drivers. More so, navigating around and battling a truck accident case is a complicated process, leaving most individuals deprived of their rights. 

Acquiring the legal counsel of experienced attorneys can prove to be instrumental in helping individuals recover compensation for their grievances and injuries. With truck accidents being one of the most aggressively defended cases, individuals can put forward their narrative in the best light possible with appropriate legal representation. Rather than allowing any evidence to get lost or be destroyed, it is important for clients to seek help immediately. With Carlson Injury Law by our client’s side, our semi-truck accident attorney based in Utah will work to back our client’s interest while banking upon their understanding of the legal system. 

How Does Having Legal Counsel In Truck Accident Cases Help? 

Understanding complex legal procedures is difficult for most common individuals. Battling truck accidents can prove to be futile with no legal counsel, as it’s easy for individuals to cause their case to derail. Working on a contingency fee basis (paying our legal help if we win the case), we solely focus on delivering justice for your clients. 

Within the state of Utah, there are several parameters that are levied upon a trucking company and its driver, in order for them to operate trucks. Following are the guidelines that required to be met, failing to meet these can act as a basis for establishing the driver’s or the trucking company’s fault. 

  • Truck drivers should not drive for more than 11 consecutive hours 
  • Post these 11 hours, drivers must rest for at least 10 hours 
  • All drivers driving a semi and commercial trucks must have a recent physical examination that has medically cleared them for driving. 

In other given cases, there is the possibility of neither the driver nor the victim being at fault, such as experiencing failed brakes or failed tires. However, in any given case, the victim or the deceased individual’s family need to be compensated for the following: 

  • Medical Expenses: This includes hospital stays, rehab, tests, current medical bills and future medical bills.
  • Pain And Suffering:  This includes compensation for depression, anxiety or PTSD. 
  • Lost Wages:   This includes compensation for losing employment or losing a job opportunity 
  • Final Expenses: This includes burial cost and financial provision for those dependent on the deceased 
  • Inheritance: This includes compensation for losing any inheritance that the client would have received if the deceased lived

Moments after a traumatic and debilitating experience, such as a truck accident, it becomes difficult for individuals to settle their mind or find composure. In such moments, it is important for individuals to seek immediate medical attention, try to memorize the course of events and find a Utah based truck accident attorney. 

Who Can Be Sued In Truck Accident Cases? 

Even if our client is partly at fault in a truck accident case, we can help them understand the legal framework to protect their interests. That said, according to the legal doctrine, known as ‘comparative negligence’, the other party’s liability for a given accident is determined by comparing their carelessness with our client’s own negligence. Additionally, given the unique circumstances, our client can sue the following parties:

  • The driver 
  • The owner of the semi-truck 
  • The owner of the trailer
  • The company mentioned on the trailer 
  • In certain cases, even the loading facility that loaded the content onto the trailer can be sued.

Accidents involving trucks can be devastating. Causing one to suffer physically and emotionally, our truck accident lawyers based in Utah, working with Carlson Injury Law help to secure a compensation compensatory for the damages sustained by our client. 

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