What Benefits Am I Entitled to After a Car Accident?

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You or someone you love has just been involved in a car accident and you are already exhausted at the thought of dealing with multi-million dollar insurance agencies. You should be spending your time taking care of your loved one, or resting and healing yourself. We are here, as your personal attorney, to relieve some of the burden and help you get your life back together by making sure you get the compensation you deserve. There are a few different claims you may be eligible to file and we will explain them fully below. 

Personal Injury Protection Claim

All drivers in Utah are required to have Personal Injury Protection (P.I.P.) coverage and this is the broadest claim you will file. If you are unfortunately injured in the accident, it will help to cover medical bills, lost income, other related expenses. This policy is sometimes called “no-fault” because it pays for health care no matter which driver was at fault in an accident. An auto accident lawyer will help determine which benefits you are entitled to under this policy.

Be aware there are limits on the amount you will be paid out. 

  • You may be compensated for up to $3000 of medical bills, but you must have a Physician’s Initial Report signed and filled out by your doctor. This means being diagnosed by a doctor immediately after the accident is very important. 
  • $1500 may be put toward burial costs for any person who has passed away due to the accident. These costs include cremation, burial and funeral expenses. 
  • 85% of your regular weekly wage or $250.00 per week (whichever is least) may be available to you if the injuries you sustained have a long-lasting or permanent effect and you are not able to work. Our accident lawyers in Ogden can make sure you receive this important benefit. 
  • You may be able to receive $20.00 per day for household services if a doctor will corroborate that you can not physically do certain household chores. 

Property Damage Claim

In the event of an accident, your vehicle may be damaged just a bit, or it may have been smashed beyond repair. When this happens the insurance companies call it “totaled”. With a property damage claim you will be entitled to have your car repaired at no cost to you (if it is repairable). If it is totaled then our accident lawyers in Davis County can help to make sure you get the actual “fair market value” of your vehicle. It is important to independently verify that you are receiving the full market value because some insurance companies may try to pay you less than your car is actually worth. 

Liability Claim

You may have been the victim in this accident. This means someone hit your car or contributed to you having the accident. This puts the liability on the other person’s insurance. In order to file this claim you must be able to prove that the other person caused the accident, that you sustained injuries and that the injuries were directly related to the incident. We have accident lawyers in Salt Lake City and Davis County who can help you prove what really happened to you. You deserve this compensation because of what you have endured due to someone else’s mistake.

Car accidents are always upsetting and sometimes downright devastating. You should be allowed to take some time to heal, help or grieve. Let us take some of the work off your hands while you deal with the aftermath of the accident. Please call us at (801) 845-4577 or email us at mark.carlson@carlsoninjuryfirm.com .